A Taste of Brazil


The Brazilian Arts and Culture Festival in Aotearoa is back!!!!

The country of great diversity will next October be right close to you.

The main goal of Live Brazil Festival is the cultural exchange between artists and audiences of New Zealand and Brazil and it is our desire to make the collaborative aspect of the festival its main feature.

Our aim is to strengthen the exchange of knowledge between artists, Brazilian and New Zealanders, and to connect the Brazilian community living in New Zealand with their own culture.

Come celebrate and experience Brazilian culture from music to food – photography to dance.

An unique opportunity to hear the master of samba-rock Marku Ribas and band, direct from Brazil; watch one of Brazil’s leading dancers, Ana Paula Cançado collaborate with New Zealand’s own Lucien Johnson; party in true Brazilian style, dance to the sound of Brazilian-infused local bands, or learn how to make the caipirinha cocktail. Four days of art, culture and fun in Wellington.

Live Brazil will also hold a national tour in New Zealand, presenting the concerts and dance pieces of its program in several festival and events in New Zealand, such as Nelson and Queenstown festivals and Auckland.